• Take my hand and see what happens:
  • Ill take you dancing in the moonlight
  • And to dinner by the bay
  • We'll have breakfast at tiffanys
  • And then while away the day
  • You'll be the only one I look to
  • And I the only one you see
  • So please put your hand in my hand
  • And whisper "you belong to me...."

So I don’t post much or reblog a lot of stuff but someone asked recently what I sound like…>_<

Probably better off not asking

So in the last few days I’ve been asked a couple of times on growlr and Facebook and even in person, in various different phrasing

“why are you single?”

Now of course this instantly causes me to freeze as my brain tries to process this new request for information.

Now genuinely I don’t know how to respond to this, usually I just laugh it off with a comical quip about how I’m obviously just not a catch or the fisherman has thrown me back in. Through all of it in the back of my head is a voice screaming


I think I need to come up with a better response though because generally the answer I give doesn’t seem to satisfy. Or maybe it’d be better if people stopped asking that question in general…

I live in a country with millions of other people
I dwell in a city surrounded by thousands of faces
I work in a place which serves hundreds of students
I have a Facebook filled with dozens of profiles
and yet I have no one to even talk about my day with…

I’ve never felt more alone